Traditional Lime Plaster

Few wall coatings last as long as lime plasters and renders, they allow walls to breath stopping damp and are aesthetically pleasing.

Traditionally lime was the only coating for walls but recently it is now used in older buildings that have no damp course or cavities as it allows water to pass through it before shedding this water to avoid damp-related issues. When used alongside lime based paints, traditional lime plaster will keep condensation to a minimum and as the are more flexible than modern cements cracking can be reduced.

We offer a professional service with minimum fuss and using only high grade materials this has secured us project’s with Scotland National Trust,Several Listed Buildings and we work close with Historic Scotland.

SR plastering will repair smaller jobs with same attention to detail and high quality materials keeping homes clean through out.

SR plastering can offer all Lime plastering services 

Lath and Lath Replacement
Damp Remedial

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